Middle Grader

Character Traits for Success
Does your daughter/son possess positive character traits like "grit" and drive? This article contains ways to develop these and other important qualities in your middle grader.
Critical & Creative Thinking
Did you know that being a good thinker can help your middle grader do better in school, make good decisions, and deal with life's challenges? If he/she knows how to evaluate information and think creatively, he/she will be better able to apply what he/she learns and handle everyday problems.
Understanding Your Middle Grader
The middle years are full of challenges. As children become teens, they display new attitudes and reactions that appear to come out of nowhere. While it may seem like your middle grader is misbehaving, these qualities are actually a normal part of growing up. Here are some typical middle grader behaviors and suggestions for ways to handle them.
Giving and Getting Respect
Being respectful helps your middle grader get along with family members, teachers and peers. This important habit can lead to success in school and in the future. Encourage her/him to treat others well, use good manners and follow rules.
Homework 101
Middle school means more classes to juggle - and more homework assignments to manage. Help your youngster learn more and be successful in school by getting into a good homework routine from the start.

Monthly Articles:

Each month a new series of articles will be posted that will help parents and students navigate their way through middle school.  Check back here periodically for updates 

November 2016 - Study Smart
This month's article centers around the importance of studying and applying skills to various aspects of everyday life. The article also contains a section devoted to social media and depression.
October 2016 - Discipline for Tweens
This article focuses on discipline, providing strategies for parents that will help transition from being a "little kid" to being a teenager. There are also suggestions on helping your child build self-esteem.
September 2016 - School is Priority #1
This article provides some suggestions that focus on attendance, communication and relationships. A great look into helping set a tone for the start of a new year.



Athletic & Co-Curricular Handbook 2015-2016
An explanation of the policies and regulations that guide student involvement in extra-curricular activities.
Technology Education - Internet Access Policy
This policy provides the expectations that guide student use of the district's network - internet and all computer programs.
Family and Student Access
The website to check your student information and grades. You must have a user name and password to use this resource. Contact the middle/high school office to obtain your username and password.
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