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What is the Topper Partnership Foundation, or TPF?  It is an endowment program recently established by the Board of Education to serve as a tool for distribution of resources on behalf of the School District of Glenwood City.  The mission of the TPF is to attract, receive, and develop funds that seek to provide gifts, grants, and scholarships and extend opportunities to promote and reward educational excellence in providing the highest quality educational experience.





The purposes of the Topper Partnership Foundation (TPF) for The School District of Glenwood City shall be:

  1. To establish a program with public and private sources to attract and administer financial resources to benefit students of the School District of Glenwood City (SDGC).


  2. To provide enriched academic opportunities beyond the SDGC instructional budget; to retain excellent teachers in Glenwood City School classrooms; to improve public awareness of the SDGC, its programs; to solicit business, community and individual involvement in the SDGC’s goal of Excellence in Education through funds, gifts and talents; to build each educator’s pride in her/his teaching role in our community; to recognize quality staff in SDGC; to provide educators with opportunities to enhance their own education as well as to enrich the education of children; to enrich one life to educate another.


  3. The TPF shall operate at the pleasure and under the direction of the Board of the SDGC.  The TPF shall fund raise on behalf of the SDGC and any checks collected shall be made payable to the SDGC.  The TPF shall turn over to the SDGC all funds collected on the SDGC’s behalf.

Topper Partenership Foundation Creative Applications for Staff and Students due by April 11th.  See Links Below.

Creative Grant Application - Staff
Creative Grant Application - Students
TPF Bylaws
Topper Partnership Foundation Brochure
Donor Contribution & Assignment Form
Since its kick-off event in December of 2009, the Topper Partnership Plan (TPP) has experienced growth in funds received, disbursements, and in its operations. The TPP plans to further increase the fund to provide for more disbursements in scholarships and grants for students and staff. Should you wish to contribute to the success of our District by donating to the TPP, please complete a Donor Contribution and Assignment Form and submit it, with your donation, to the Topper Partnership Plan, c/o District Office, School District of Glenwood City, 850 Maple Street, Glenwood City, WI 54013. No amount is too small and, with the help of many, this program will provide a long term investment in our students and our future. Thank you for considering a donation to the TPP!
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