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Connecting Glenwood City Middle School Families

We will be providing articles focusing on the challenges of middle school students/families throughout the upcoming school year.  These articles are intended to provide insight for parents and contain content ranging from behavioral concerns to improving academic performance; from bullying to reading and writing in the content areas.

The first article, "Understanding Your Middle Grader" can be found by clicking on the following link.  Please feel free to provide feedback about this means of communication by emailing me at gretzpat@gcsd.k12.wi.us

Homework 101 (posted 08.30)
Middle school means more classes to juggle - and more homework assignments to manage. Help your youngster learn more and be successful in school by getting into a good homework routine from the start.
Giving and Getting Respect (posted 08.06)
Being respectful helps your middle grader get along with family members, teachers and peers. This important habit can lead to success in school and in the future. Encourage her/him to treat others well, use good manners and follow rules.
Understanding Your Middle Grader (posted 07.27)
The middle years are full of challenges. As children become teens, they display new attitudes and reactions that appear to come out of nowhere. While it may seem like your middle grader is misbehaving, these qualities are actually a normal part of growing up. Here are some typical middle grader behaviors and suggestions for ways to handle them.


Events Happening In & Around Our Area

Vietnam Moving Wall -

A replica of the Vietnam War Memorial found in Washington, D.C. - will be visiting our area when it makes a stop in New Richmond at Freedom Park.  The Vietnam Moving Wall will be available for twenty-four hour viewing beginning on Friday, September 11 continuing through Sunday, September 13th.

Scheduled activities include - 

  • Friday, September 11 - Planned School Visits
  • Saturday, September 12 - 50-year Commemoration of the Wall
  • Sunday, September 13 - Welcome Home Ceremony

Click here for more information about the Vietman Moving Wall.

For more information about the visit to New Richmond, contact Scottie Ard - (715)338-6064.



Thanks... (08.28.15)

I just have to tell you how much I really appreciate the astounding communication improvements.  I have a child going into her junior year and it is simply a delight to have these messages to out to enable us busy parents to plan ahead and simply be aware of school events.  I do hope this can be utilized by individual teachers as well.  How nice would it be to have an email that says the band concert is on xx date or the big chemistry test is on xx date, etc.

Deb Moe

Drum Corp International (08.25.15)

Now that another very successful season has been completed, I would like to take a moment to thank you for your hospitality in hosting a Drum and Bugle Corps at your facility this summer.  It is your willingness to make your site available to the young men and women who travel across the country each summer that enables this activity to flourish as it does.

On behalf of Drum Corps International, each corps, and most of all the performing members, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you and your staff.


Jeff Cox
Corps Housing Manager
"Marching Music's Major League"


More Than Just a Motto

If you have an opportunity to visit us at Glenwood City, it will become apparent that the motto, "Every Student, Every Day" is important.  From the lanyards that hold our ID badges, to the staff polo shirts that were purchased during the 2014-2015 school year, to the wall in the superintendent's office, this phrase can be found throughout the district.  Last year, staff members were asked to share their interpretation of this phrase; the following is the first of over twenty-five that will be shared with you over the course of the upcoming school year.  I invite you to read my upcoming blog (found below) that will provide my views of this motto as well.

"Each and every [student] is a unique individual, possessing the potential to develop his/her strengths through a positive and engaging classroom experience.  I believe it is my responsibility as an educator to help every [student] succeed within the educational setting.  This success will foster confidence, self-motivation, citizenship, and open-mindedness, plus a sense of self-worth throughout their educational journey and into life beyond their K-12 years in school.  For me, "Every [Student], Every Day" is not only a motto, but a belief that all students are worthy of our time, energy, attention and effort each and every day."

- Mary Jones                         
             GCSD Art Educator          


The Principal's Perspective


The following blog is meant to generate transparency between the high/middle school, parents, students and the community.  The name of the blog is meant as a play on words based on our "Hilltopper" nickname and the position that I hold as principal.

Through this blog, I hope to share with you communication about different initiatives that we are/will be engaging in.  It is meant to give you a firsthand account of what is happening, why it is happening and how it will benefit our students.  I encourage feedback and the posting of questions or comments about the materials that I post; it is important to know that all communications will be filtered and previewed before being posted in order to maintain the integrity of the website.

As with any "new" endeavor, I anticipate that there will be issues with implementing this means of communication; when these arise, I will address them and hopefully, make this a reputable sounding board for informed communications.

I look forward to sharing with you as the year progresses.
Patrick Gretzlock
HS/MS Principal

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Win an Amazon Gift Card

(updated 08.30)

There are a number of changes that await students as they begin the 2015-2016 school year but one of the most noticeable promises to be a schedule that provides for D.E.A.R. time on a weekly basis.  D.E.A.R. or Drop Everything And Read is a program that encourages individuals to read for leisure by providing an opportunity during the school day to do nothing but - you guessed it - READ!!!  That will occur every Tuesday from 1:20 - 1:45 during the school year.

Here is a challenge for ALL STUDENTS who will be entering grades six through twelve...

  • Take a picture of yourself reading while wearing something that indicates that you are connected with Glenwood City High/Middle School (for example - a GC baseball hat or Hilltopper Wrestling sweatshirt).
  • The title of your book must be visible to the viewer of the picture.
  • Submit your picture via email to Mr. Gretzlock at gretzpat@gcsd.k12.wi.us.  All pictures will become the property of the School District of Glenwood City.
  • All emails should include the following information - 
    Complete name of student in the picture.
    Grade student is entering.

A maximum of ten (10) pictures will be chosen to become posters that will be placed throughout the entire school facility.  All entrants that meet the above requirements will be entered into a drawing for one of five (5) Amazon gift cards valued at $20 each.  A drawing will be held during festivities associated with HOMECOMING WEEK.

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