The Megaband Festival is a unique experience that brings together entire middle school bands from several local schools to create one "vey large" ensemble.  The 2016 edition of the Megaband Festival marked its thirteenth year.  The year's gues clinician was Adam Bever from Rice Lake Middle School.

Thank you to Mr. Bever and all the area band instructors, including our Matt Lamb for making this event a success.

The following selections were performed during the event.  Each link provides a you tube video of the performance.



One high school and one middle school team will represent Glenwood City at the Wisconsin Destination Imagination Tournament on April 16 at UW-Stevens Point.  Both teams took second place in their respective challenge to advance from the regional tournament that was held at Baldwin-Woodville High School on Saturday, March 12.

"Needs Improvment" our high school team participated in the improvisational challenge in which they performed a skit that occurred in a "confined space."  Their skit needed to include a mysterious stranger and a prop made from newspaper.  

The high school team is comprised of juniors (pictured left to right), Jacob Traynor, Collin Oeltjen, Nic Jensen and Rachel Bloss.  The team is coached by volunteer Cindy Traynor.


"Wasted Potential" our middle school team, participated in a technical challenge in which they needed to design and create a vehicle that one team member could ride.  The vehicle needed to have two different propulsion systems and needed to be integrated into a team created story.

This team includes (from left to right), Emma Lamb (6th), Celia Sauter (8th), Nyah Anderson (8th), Alex Brigham (8th), Tom Rosenow (8th), Gavan Strehlo (8th) and Ally Motz (8th).  The team is coached by volunteer Tina Strehlo.

These two teams will be joined by an elementary team, marking the first time in GC DI history that three teams have participated in the state tournament in the same year.  Congratuluations to all the participants and their coaches.



More Than Just a Motto

If you have an opportunity to visit us at Glenwood City, it will become apparent that the motto, "Every Student, Every Day" is important.  From the lanyards that hold our ID badges, to the staff polo shirts that were purchased during the 2014-2015 school year, to the wall in the superintendent's office, this phrase can be found throughout the district.  

"Every Student, Every Day" has become a way of voicing the greatest strength of a small school - the individual attention that students get here.  I strongly hope and believe that no student should feel like just a number or a grade in my classroom.  They are each a work in progress.  I come to know their strengths and weaknesses so well that I know which ones will need help with decimal points before they learn scientific notation and which ones will need me to check the spelling on their presentations before the whole class sees their work.  "Every Student, Every Day" means knowing all of our students well enough to give them the attention they need, to push them a littler farther every day."

- Ann Anderson                         
             GCSD Science Instructor          


The Principal's Perspective


The following blog is meant to generate transparency between the high/middle school, parents, students and the community.  The name of the blog is meant as a play on words based on our "Hilltopper" nickname and the position that I hold as principal.

Through this blog, I hope to share with you communication about different initiatives that we are/will be engaging in.  It is meant to give you a firsthand account of what is happening, why it is happening and how it will benefit our students.  I encourage feedback and the posting of questions or comments about the materials that I post; it is important to know that all communications will be filtered and previewed before being posted in order to maintain the integrity of the website.

As with any "new" endeavor, I anticipate that there will be issues with implementing this means of communication; when these arise, I will address them and hopefully, make this a reputable sounding board for informed communications.

I look forward to sharing with you as the year progresses.
Patrick Gretzlock
HS/MS Principal

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